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Notizie e aggiornamenti

Esplorate le nuove funzionalità e imparate i suggerimenti e i trucchi per migliorare la vostra offerta omnichannel.

Foosales Stato dell'ordine Copertina 1

Nuovo stato e gestione ordini POS

POS status and order management The latest FooSales release (version 1.33.0) includes a huge update to order management in FooSales and opens the door for improved omnichannel sales and fulfillment workflows. Moving forward, you can now update the order status of an order and edit existing orders. This not only applies to orders created in FooSales but also to other

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Dnelle Dowis Storia di copertina Sbh

D'nelle Dowis ha trasformato il suo lavoro di freelance in un'agenzia fiorente con WordPress

D’nelle Dowis shares how WordPress helped her turn her freelance work into a thriving agency while managing chronic illnesses and finding work-life balance. #SmallBusinessHeroes D’nelle Dowis’s Small Business Journey I started using WordPress in 2006, the same year I founded Berry Interesting. What started as a way for me to formalize my freelance work has blossomed into a support agency

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Donna cassiere indossa un grembiule e utilizzando Pos Termina 2023 01 27 02 08 10 Utc

5 vantaggi dell'utilizzo di un'app POS

In the world of business, having an efficient and reliable point of sale (POS) system is critical. It is the backbone of any retail or service-based company, which allows you to process transactions, manage inventory, and analyze sales data. With the advancement of technology, the old-fashioned cash register has been replaced by more sophisticated POS apps. In this blog post,

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Foosales Woocommerce Pos Punto di Vendita

Vendere prodotti utilizzando quantità e unità di misura decimali.

FooSales now has built-in functionality which allows you to sell products using decimal quantities and units of measurement (e.g. weight, length etc). What’s more, you can sell products that use decimal quantities exclusively or sell regular products alongside products that use decimal quantities in your store. This functionality is useful for many different types of businesses, including, for example: Bakeries

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Aggiornamento su Foosales

La modalità offline è ora disponibile nella web app

Offline mode is one of the unique features that makes FooSales the best point of sale solution for WooCommerce. This feature has existed in the FooSales tablet apps for a while, but due to the complexity involved, it was not available in the FooSales web app… until now! As of today, you can now use the FooSales web app without

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Schermata di Foosales e del lettore Stripe M2 Decive

Il lettore Stripe M2 si aggiunge alla lista!

Stripe customers in the United States can now also use the new Stripe Reader M2 to securely process payments in the FooSales tablet apps (requires FooSales WordPress plugin 1.25.1+ AND FooSales iPad or FooSales Android tablet app 2.7.3+). The Stripe Reader M2 is a battery-powered, mobile card reader that accepts EMV chip, contactless, and swipe payments. This is Stripe’s first

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Bbpos Wisepad 3 Copertina del blog 2

Aggiunta del supporto per il lettore BBPOS WisePad™ 3

We are pleased to announce that Stripe customers in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Ireland, United Kingdom and Canada can now use the BBPOS WisePad™ 3 Bluetooth reader to securely process payments in the FooSales tablet apps (requires FooSales WordPress plugin 1.24.0+ AND FooSales iPad or FooSales Android tablet app 2.7.2+). The BBPOS WisePad™ is the most

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