Offline Mode

No internet? No problem!

You can use the FooSales iPad and Android tablet apps without an active internet connection thanks to the advanced offline mode feature.

How do I activate offline mode?  

If your internet connection drops while logged into the FooSales iPad or Android tablet app, offline mode will be activated automatically so there is no disruption to your business. You can also enter offline mode manually by toggling the offline mode switch in the app settingsWhen you are connected to the internet again, FooSales will automatically sync any changes with your WooCommerce store.

What happens if the automatic sync fails?

If the automatic sync between FooSales and your WooCommerce store fails for some reason, the data can be exported as a custom XML file via the FooSales app settings. This XML file can then be imported through the FooSales import tool in your WordPress admin area.

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