Manage orders from purchase to fulfillment

The orders screen is packed with critical product and customer information where you can print receipts for past orders, issue refunds, review daily totals and troubleshoot issues.

Where are FooSales orders saved?

New orders are saved in real-time as standard orders within your WooCommerce database. They are identified as POS orders when viewed in your WooCommerce admin area and are included in your WooCommerce sales reports.

Can I find and manage orders that were created online and from FooSales?  

You can find and manage all orders regardless of whether they originated from your online store or FooSales. There are also useful order filters that allow you to view all orders or only online or POS orders.

Can I create new orders if I’m offline or connectivity to my WooCommerce store is interrupted?

The FooSales iPad and Android tablet apps have a unique offline mode which makes it possible to create offline orders which are stored on the device and synced with your WooCommerce database once connectivity is restored.

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