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Modify products in realtime

FooSales can be used as a basic inventory management tool for your store as you have the ability to update product stock and price information directly from the product screen. The web version offers even more advanced editing functionality.

Foosales Products

Unlimited products

FooSales uses WooCommerce products so you can add an unlimited amount of products and product variations.

Product barcodes

Set the product SKU using a Bluetooth or wired barcode scanner when editing a product in FooSales.

Manage inventory

FooSales uses WooCommerce inventory management to manage available stock and will ensure that your inventory is always up to date, regardless of where the sale took place.

Inventory status

FooSales includes basic stock management functionality that will allow you to set the amount of stock available for both simple and variable products.

Support product variations

FooSales supports WooCommerce product variations which can be used to manage product variants such as sizes, shapes, colors etc.

Stock synchronization

Ensure that your product information is up to date and eliminate the possibility of errors like selling the same product twice (online vs. in-person).

Frequently Asked Questions

When a product is updated in FooSales it is immediately updated in WooCommerce. Any FooSales connected device will automatically check for updates to ensure that it always displays the latest product information. You can set the FooSales apps to check for updates in intervals of 1 to 30 minutes through the app settings.

FooSales has built-in functionality that allows you to sell products using decimal quantities and you can even sell regular products alongside products that use decimal quantities but this first needs to be configured. Learn more

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