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FooSales POS Demo

Take FooSales for a test drive

Launch a pre-configured demo POS and get a better understanding of how FooSales can be used to sell WooCommerce products at your physical store, over the phone, or on the go.

When using the demo, follow these steps to get a better understanding of what is possible using FooSales. If you have any questions, please be sure to get in touch.

1. Add products to the cart
2. Increase the quantity of an item using the + and - buttons
3. Press the > arrow to apply a discount to an item
4. Proceed to checkout
5. Create a New Customer or use the Guest Customer option
6. Apply a discount to the cart
7. Select a payment method and press the submit button
8. Go to the Order section and select a past order
9. Press the Order Details tab
10. Refund a past orders
11. Find an order set to Processing and press the continue button
12. Change the status of an order
13. Go to the Customers section and create a new customer profile
14. Go to the Products section and modify a product
15. Go to the Setting section
16. Enable/disable Offline Mode
17. Modify the Interface Settings based on your preference
18. Sign-up for a 7-day free trial and try out the iPad and Android tablet apps.

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