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Complete the checkout process in record time and ensure your WooCommerce inventory is always accurate while leveraging WooCommerce customer profiles and coupons.

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Accept cash, card, Stripe or Square payments directly in FooSales. You can also enter a customer’s card details manually, which is perfect for taking orders over the phone.
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Customer profiles are created on-the-fly and can be used to build customer relationships and for marketing purposes. Go to Customers
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Use your store's existing WooCommerce Tax Settings when applying taxes to POS orders. Taxes will automatically be applied based on your store or customer location.


Invoices/receipts can be printed from the order confirmation screen when completing checkout or via the Orders screen.


Everybody loves a good deal which is why it’s essential to have the ability to offer fixed or percentage discounts for individual products or the cart total when processing an order.


Standard WooCommerce coupons can be applied at checkout which will result in the cart being discounted by the relevant amount.

Order statuses

Submit an order as ‘Complete’ or choose a different order status such as 'On Hold' or 'Processing'. You can even select a custom status such as 'Prepare for delivery'.

Order notes

Add additional information to orders using Order Notes which can be viewed in the order section of the FooSales apps as well as online in the WooCommerce admin dashboard.

In-store or online payment and fulfillment​

Let your customers order in-store and complete payment online OR order online and process payments in-person. They will love the flexibility!

Manage orders over the phone

Take orders over the phone and enter the customer's card details manually or process payments in-person when the order is collected.

Save and retrieve carts

Save and retrieve shopping carts quickly for checkout. You can even submit an order as incomplete and continue the order on another device.

Offline transaction processing

Create offline orders that are saved on your device and synced with your WooCommerce database once an internet connection is restored.
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