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Units of Measurement

Specify your own custom units of measurement and decimal quantities

Not all products are sold using standard stock quantities which is why we’ve created a set of options that enable you to account for every grain, inch, bean, bead, gram, pound, kilogram, square meter or yard of your inventory.

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Sell products that use decimal quantities and custom units of measurement, for example, items sold by length, weight, capacity (volume) and time. View custom units and decimal quantities within the FooSales POS apps for in-person sales as well as on your WooCommerce website for online customers.

What type of stores can use custom units of measurement and decimal quantities?

Most stores can use this feature but here are a few examples taken from our customers:

Health & Wellness Stores

Sell by weight, number of scoops or amount of pills.


Sell by weight (grams, ounces, kilograms, pounds etc.)

Craft Shops

Sell by the number of beads, length of string, weight of materials or volume of liquid.

Fabric & Yarn Stores

Sell by the length of fabric or yarn.

Hardware Stores

Sell by the number of nails, length of electrical wire or rope, square meterage of flooring or weight of building materials.
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