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FooSales WP Plugin Privacy Policy

Last Updated: 2 November 2021

How FooSales Stores Data:


FooSales makes minimal use of data that is stored in the customer’s WooCommerce database. FooSales adds basic information to the WooCommerce database in the form of custom post metadata to distinguish orders that were processed by FooSales along with the payment method that was used. No customer credit card details or other sensitive payment data is transmitted or stored.


The FooSales point of sale (POS) apps use a custom REST API to securely communicate with the FooSales plugin in order to retrieve customer and order information as well as process sales. Data that is transferred between the FooSales plugin and apps includes order, product and purchaser data. This data is cached on the device running the FooSales app in order to speed up initial load times. To remove this cached data, simply disconnect the FooSales app from your store by tapping the Disconnect button on the Settings screen or uninstall the FooSales app from your device.

Payment Processing

FooSales integrates with Square and Stripe hardware in order to process card payments using their native development kits. Although all the card processing and heavy lifting is securely managed by Square and Stripe outside of FooSales, the order total and description of items that were purchased are submitted to your Square and/or Stripe account in order to process the payment.

Order Analytics

FooSales is committed to sharing interesting trends and insights with customers and the broader WordPress/WooCommerce community based on aggregate customer data. If the order analytics setting is enabled in the FooSales plugin, we will collect the following non-sensitive data anonymously for any order that is placed through the FooSales apps:

  • Timestamp (auto generated)
  • Grouping key (randomly generated string for anonymously grouping orders)
  • Platform (Web, iOS, Android)
  • Country (abbreviated country code)
  • Currency (abbreviated currency code)
  • Payment method (payment method used in the order)
  • Sector (only if you opted in to share sector/category information with WooCommerce)
  • Line item count (total number of line items included in the order)
  • Quantity total (total quantity of items included in the order)
  • Order total (order total in the store’s selected currency e.g. CAD 10.00)
  • Order total in USD (order total converted to the equivalent USD amount e.g. USD 8.07) 


Orders processed by the FooSales POS apps will trigger the default WooCommerce email order functionality. If this option is enabled, the WooCommerce “New customer order” email will be sent to the email addresses specified under the WooCommerce > Settings > Emails options. Default data within this email includes order and item details, and customer data. Once a “New customer order” email has been sent, it will be stored indefinitely on the website administrator’s email server depending on the email address/es that were specified in the WooCommerce settings.

How To Remove Data:

Removing Orders

  1. Navigate to WooCommerce > Orders in your WordPress admin area
  2. Highlight the orders/s that should be deleted
  3. Select “Move to bin” in bulk actions and click “Apply”
  4. Navigate to the order “Bin”
  5. Highlight the order/s that should be deleted
  6. Select “Delete permanently” in bulk actions and click “Apply”

Removing Plugin Options and Settings

To remove all FooSales options and settings, simply disable and uninstall the plugins. The plugins will automatically remove all options and settings from the database during the uninstallation process.

Removing All FooSales Files

  1. Disable and uninstall the plugins as per above instructions (Removing Plugin Options and Settings)
  2. Connect to your web server via an FTP client and navigate to ‘wp-content/plugins‘ in the WordPress directory. Ensure that all FooSales plugin directories have been deleted.

User Roles, Capabilities and Permissions:

FooSales makes extensive use of the built-in WordPress user role and capability functionality to ensure better privacy. By default, only users with the role of “Administrator” will have access to all the FooSales features. If you require an additional role to have access to specific FooSales features, you will need to assign capabilities to this role using a free third-party WordPress plugin.

Here are the steps required in order to do this:

  1. Login to your WordPress admin area and install and activate the User Role Editor plugin:
  2. Navigate to Users > User Role Editor
  3. Select the user role that needs access to specific FooSales features under the “Select Role and change its capabilities” option
  4. Enter the term “foosales” in the quick filter text box
  5. Check each of the items that have been highlighted (this is basically all the options that have the “foosales” suffix)
  6. Click the “Update” button on the right
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