Bridge your online and in-person sales through a single unified platform

The FooSales apps connects directly to your WooCommerce store and uses your existing products, variations, stock, customers, and tax rates in real-time. This means no clumsy catalog syncing or complicated system installations. Simply login and start selling!

What makes FooSales different from other POS systems?

Most traditional point of sale systems are stand-alone systems and are not designed to natively work with ecommerce. They rely on bridging plugins to sync product catalogs between WooCommerce and their own catalog management systems. FooSales on the other hand is an e-commerce first platform. FooSales connects directly to WooCommerce and uses it as a central database. This means you won’t have any syncing issues and your data is always secure and up to date, no matter how many stores or devices you connect.

Is FooSales a WordPress plugin?

FooSales is an app based solution and is available on iPad, Android tablet and web. The apps connect directly to your WooCommerce store using a lightweight WordPress plugin. Our native apps provide various benefits that simply can not be achieved using plugin based POS solutions. These include offline mode, more reliable hardware integration, better printer support, built-in camera support for barcode scanning, and Square payments integration. That said, we also offer a web app so you get the best of both worlds.

Does FooSales work anywhere in the world?

FooSales works in any country that WooCommerce supports which is practically all countries. The iPad and Android tablet apps also support many of the world’s most popular languages.

Ready to get started?

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