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Sell access to events, venues and bookable services with FooSales & FooEvents

FooSales integrates with FooEvents, the #1 platform for selling unlimited tickets directly from any WooCommerce website completely commission-free. This integration allows you to sell and print tickets and event passes in-person using FooSales WooCommerce POS.

Fooevents Tickets Being Scanned By A Bluetooth Barcode Scanner
Fooevents Check-Ins Apps Used To Check-In Tickets

FooSales WooCommerce POS

Built-in FooEvents Integration

Straight out the box, the FooSales POS apps include basic support for the FooEvents for WooCommerce core plugin. Since we created both products, you are guaranteed that they will always work beautifully together.

Enhanced Event & Ticketing POS

If you require full POS integration with FooEvents, then we've also got you covered! FooEvents POS was built on the same backbone as FooSales and has been optimized for the sale of tickets with seating selection, venue access and bookable services.

FooSales & FooEvents POS Feature Comparison

FeaturesFooSalesFooEvents POS
Standard POS featuresIcon CheckIcon Check
Hardware integrationIcon CheckIcon Check
Square and Stripe paymentsIcon CheckIcon Check
Web based POSIcon CheckIcon Check
iPad POS appIcon CheckIcon Close
Android Tablet POS AppIcon CheckIcon Close
Email FooEvents ticketsIcon CheckIcon Check
Print FooEvents ticketsIcon CloseIcon Check
Single-day event supportIcon CheckIcon Check
FooEvents Multi-day supportIcon CheckIcon Check
FooEvents Custom Attendee Fields supportIcon CheckIcon Check
FooEvents Bookings supportIcon CloseIcon Check
FooEvents Seating supportIcon CloseIcon Check

What types of customers use FooEvents?

Many different types of customers use FooEvents to sell and print tickets for physical events, virtual events or both (hybrid events).

Here are a few examples of the events and services that currently use FooEvents:


Offer single-day conferences, conferences that span over multiple days, and conferences that repeat on specific dates.

Concerts & Shows

Sell tickets directly from your website, manage check-ins using the free FooEvents Check-ins app, and sell tickets in-person at the door.

Courses, Classes & Training

Use FooEvents to help maximize student enrolment and make managing class capacity and attendance a breeze.

Activities & General Admissions

Manage capacity and attendance for your venue, tour or service by allowing customers to book their slot from your website or at the door.

Sports Events

Sell race entries, spectator passes and manage sports venue bookings with FooEvents.
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