Convert in-person customers into lifetime ecommerce customers

It’s become crucial for every business to build a customer database. Fortunately, with FooSales this is built-in! Customer profiles are created on-the-fly when making a purchase. These details are immediately saved to your WooCommerce database so they can be used for customer relationship and marketing purposes.

Can I process orders without registering a customer?

Absolutely. Orders can be processed using a generic guest customer. No email address is required and the customer will remain anonymous.

Where are the customer’s details saved and is it GDPR compliant?

FooSales connects directly to your WooCommerce database using a secure API that fetches your customer data. None of this information is stored or passed on to any third-party servers, including ours. When a customer’s data is modified via the FooSales app, it is updated directly in your WooCommerce database. FooSales complies with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for added peace of mind.

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