Connect card readers, cash drawers, printers and barcode scanners

FooSales integrates with a growing number of popular hardware devices. This allows you to turn your WooCommerce powered store into an enterprise-level retail platform for a fraction of the cost of a traditional POS solution.

Disclaimer: While we do our utmost best to ensure that all the hardware models listed on this page are accurate and compatible with FooSales, please note that we are not responsible for any errors or omissions and purchasing any of the products listed below is entirely at your own risk.

Square Payments​

The FooSales tablet apps are compatible with the following Square payment hardware:
The FooSales web app is compatible with the following Square payment hardware:

Note: Square Register is not supported in any of the FooSales apps.

Combined receipt printer and cash drawer

The FooSales tablet apps offer built-in support for the ultra sleek Star mPOP™ combined Bluetooth POS receipt printer and cash drawer device (available in black or white). The mPOP has a built-in receipt printer which prints on standard 2 1/4″ x 50′ thermal paper rolls as well as an integrated cash drawer. It also works with the optional mPOP Handheld USB 1D Barcode Scanner which can be purchased either as part of a bundle or separately.

Thermal Receipt Printers

FooSales supports receipt printing on the following thermal receipt printers:

Barcode Scanners

Scan any compatible barcode using the tablet’s built-in camera (tablet apps only) or pair a Bluetooth or USB scanner (web app only) and FooSales will immediately identify a product or product variation that has a matching product ID/SKU.

Wireless Desktop Printers

Invoices can be printed using any AirPrint (iPad & web app running on macOS) or wireless compatible printer (Android & web app). Here are a few printers that we recommend which are both AirPrint & wireless compatible.
A full list of AirPrint-only devices can be viewed on this Apple support page.

Barcode Printers

FooSales is able to scan and recognize barcodes from practically any source, however, here are a few highly rated barcode printing devices from different brands which we recommend if you are looking for a solution to print barcodes and attach them to your products.

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