Point of Sale (POS) for WooCommerce

FooSales turns any computer, iPad or Android tablet into a cash register and makes it easy to sell your products and run your business from anywhere in the world.
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Built for WooCommerce

FooSales is designed and built to work natively with WooCommerce and it connects to your store using the official WooCommerce API. By connecting directly to your WooCommerce database, there is no need for any third-party bridging software or middleware which can cause syncing issues and often adds extra cost and complexity.

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“Very easy to setup and learn and very fast even with thousands of products. It even supports updating stock from the app and doesn’t allow you to oversell inventory.”
—  Duel Kingdom

Multi-Channel Platform

FooSales can be accessed from an unlimited number of devices and is available as a web version and native tablets apps (iPad & Android tablet) which all share the same intuitive interface. FooSales is perfect for retail stores, markets, pop-up shops, mobile events and many others.

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“FooSales was the missing link we needed between our online and physical stores. The two now operate in unity, and orders can be handled without hassle. The simple intuitive design means anyone can learn to use it in a matter of minutes.”
— Jason Dugmore, MrVinyl

Safe and Secure

FooSales leverages the many strengths of WooCommerce which includes secure, regularly audited code and tools. Furthermore, all your store, customer and order data remains on your web server and is never transmitted or stored on any third-party servers, including our own.

Process Orders

Create, cancel and submit new orders directly through an intuitive interface. Orders can be filtered from within the WooCommerce back-end so you can tell which orders were placed on your online store and which came through FooSales.

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Capture Payments

Accept cash as payment or manually process orders using a third-party card machine of your choice. FooSales does not limit you to a specific service provider and you can therefore use any card processor that suits your needs in terms of cost and availability.

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Print & Ship

WooCommerce invoices are automatically emailed to customers once their order has been processed. Receipts can be printed manually or automatically with compatible hardware and can contain your own logo and company details.

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Engage Customers

Create profiles for your customers so that you can learn more about their shopping habits and view contact info and order history at a glance. Customer data is automatically synced with your WooCommerce store so their order history can be referenced or tracked.

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  • Find and view past orders
  • Filter products by category
  • Supports WooCommerce coupon codes
  • Print receipts and email invoices
  • Issue refunds on-the-fly
  • Keep track of daily totals
  • Apply discounts to individual products
  • Works with many printers and hardware
  • Taxes calculated based on store settings
  • Show or hide products in the apps
  • Search for products by ID, SKU or keyword
  • Privacy compliant
  • Process orders using any card machine
  • Accept offline orders (tablet apps only)
  • Sync online and retail store customers
  • Capture customer data
  • Inventory management
  • Barcode support (1D/2D)

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