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FooSales Features

The free FooSales tablet app for iOS and Android is packed with great features that allow you to easily take your WooCommerce online store from clicks to bricks.


Getting Started

Once you have installed and configured the FooSales for WooCommerce plugin on your WordPress website, you’re ready to download the app to your device, create a new FooSales account, connect to your store and start capturing sales for your online store at a physical location.

You can use the ‘remember me’ switch to store your sign-in details on the device for automatic sign-in at a later stage.

An initial download of all the relevant store data will start after signing in for the first time. Once this process has completed, no additional data will need to be downloaded which ensures that the app functions as fast as possible without any delays.

Step 1: Create a new FooSales account
Create a new FooSales account to get free access to the FooSales point of sale (POS) system – Create your account →

Step 2: Install the free plugin
Install the FooSales WordPress plugin from your store’s WordPress Admin Area by selecting ‘Add New’ in the Plugins menu. Search for “FooSales” and install the plugin – Download the plugin →

Step 3: Download the free apps
Download the iOS or Android app. Installation is quick and easy – Download the app →

Step 4: Start selling anywhere!
Congratulations! You’re ready to start making more sales.


Products can be added to the cart by using the search function and making selections from the products list or by using the device’s built-in camera to scan product barcodes.

Quantities can be adjusted by scanning the product barcode and selecting it from the list or by tapping the increase/decrease buttons next to the order line item.

When creating a new order, the current “in progress” order can be saved and completed at a later stage.


The ‘Checkout’ button opens a summary of the order. Here you can select an existing customer from a list or add a new customer.

By selecting ‘Cash’ as the payment option, you can simply input the amount of cash received and the app will calculate the change for you.

Tapping ‘Complete’ submits the order to your WooCommerce database.

FooSales supports WooCommerce coupon codes (requires Internet access for validation) and you can also discount the price of individual products and record a customer’s contact details and shipping address so that you can ship their order at a later stage for example.

WooCommerce order receipts are automatically sent to customers when a order is processed and taxes are automatically calculated based on your store’s WooCommerce settings.


Product prices, sale prices, and stock quantities can be managed from within the app. You can either search for a product and select it from a list or scan its barcode to edit it.

Tapping the ‘Update’ button immediately updates your WooCommerce database with the new values. These values are also immediately available within the app so there is no need to download all the store’s data again.

Sales History

You can view historical data of orders that were captured in the app. Here you can search for orders and view all the items that were purchased as well as the customer billing and shipping information.

Completed orders can be cancelled, individual items can be refunded and restocked if required, and a tax invoice/receipt can be printed via AirPrint on iOS or wireless printing on Android.

Daily Summary

You can also view a daily summary of all the orders that were completed on a particular day.

This view displays all the cash and card orders with all the totals including the total items sold, total orders cancelled, and total orders refunded.


Any existing customer’s details can be modified within the app by searching for them and entering new values.

New customers can also be created. Any new customers or updates to existing customers are sent to your WooCommerce database and are immediately available for selection during checkout.

Number Pad

Tapping on a product’s price displays a large number pad that allows you to customize product prices for the current order.

This number pad is also used when updating product stock quantities and entering the amount of cash received at checkout.


The settings screen displays all the relevant information about your FooSales account as well as your store details.

Offline mode can also be enabled or disabled on this screen.

Offline Mode

Offline mode allows you to use the app without having to connect to the Internet after you first sign-in and an initial download of all the relevant store data has been completed.

Any product modifications, new orders, cancelled orders, and refunds are stored on your device and can be synced back to your WooCommerce database when offline mode is disabled.

Barcode Scanning

The FooSales app allows you to make use of a third-party Bluetooth barcode scanner to scan product barcodes.

This functionality generally speeds up adding products to the cart if the tablet’s built-in camera is poor or mounted in such a way that makes scanning barcodes difficult.

QR codes are not supported at this time.

Recommended portable barcode scanners (iOS/Android compatible):

NADAMOO 3-in-1 Barcode Scanner
Eyoyo Portable Wireless Barcode Scanner

Print Invoices

You can print invoices using an AirPlay (iOS only) or wireless compatible (Android) printer.

Here are three printers we recommend that support AirPrint and Android:

Canon MX492 Wireless All-In-One Small Printer
Canon MX922 Office and Business All-In-One Printer
Brother HLL2395DW Compact Monochrome Laser Printer

Star mPOP™

FooSales offers built-in support for the ultra sleek Star mPOP™ combined Bluetooth POS receipt printer and cash drawer device (available in black and white). It also works with the optional mPOP Handheld USB 1D Barcode Scanner which can be purchased as part of a bundle with the device or separately.

When the FooSales app is connected to an mPOP device and the payment method is cash, a button appears at checkout which automatically opens the cash drawer and automatically prints the receipt once an order is completed (optional). You can also upload a logo in the FooSales WordPress plugin settings which will appear at the top of the printed receipt.

See Compatible Hardware

Sell Tickets with FooEvents

FooSales integrates seamlessly with FooEvents, a popular event and ticketing solution for WooCommerce. Now you can sell tickets or manage free registration for practically any type of event such as a concert, church camp, school function, fund raiser, conference or sports fixture through the combined power of FooSales and FooEvents!

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