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Introducing Split Payments in FooSales

A Person Making Payment Using Cash And A Credit Card.

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve just released the long-awaited support for split payments in FooSales!

Partial or split payments allow a customer to use multiple payment methods—be it cash, card, or check—to pay for a single order. They can also be a useful way for friends, family, and colleagues to pay for group purchases, shared expenses or gifts.

How to Enable and Use Split Payments

In order to start using the split payment functionality, you will first need to update the FooSales WordPress plugin (1.38.0+) AND iPad App or Android Tablet App (2.14.0+) to the latest versions.

Then you must enable the ‘Split Payment’ payment method on the WooCommerce payment method management screen. Once activated, customers can select the ‘Split Payment’ option during checkout in the FooSales app. The interface is intuitive, allowing for automatic splitting of the total amount or manual adjustments per payment method.

The Checkout Experience

During checkout, cashiers can split the payment across various methods. After each payment is processed, the remaining balance is automatically recalculated and evenly split among the remaining methods. This process continues until the full payment is completed.

Screenshot Of The Foosales Ipad App Split Payments Screen


After an order has been placed in the FooSales POS apps, all payments will be listed as part of the order details. If a refund is requested, the process accommodates the complexities of split payments, ensuring that refunds are handled as smoothly as the original transaction.

Payment Management

POS payments can now be managed through the FooSales menu in the WordPress admin dashboard. This page displays a comprehensive list of all payments that were processed through the FooSales POS apps, making it easier to view and manage in-person transactions.

Screenshot Of The Fooevents Payment Wordpress Admin Screen

For more information on implementing and using this great new feature, please refer to the Split Payments help documentation.

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