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Brand new discount functionality and interface updates

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Most customers look for ways to save money and want the best deal before making a purchase. Discounts are a great way to stimulate sales and grow customer loyalty and are a vital tool for every store. For these reasons, we’ve completely revamped how discounts are applied in FooSales. You can now apply product discounts, cart discounts, and coupons using flexible options. In addition, we’ve improved the cart and checkout interface in the FooSales apps which we know you’ll also appreciate. These updates will ensure that you are able to apply discounts quickly and easily.

Interface Updates

Foosales Product Options Interface Update

When logging into the latest version of the FooSales apps (iOS/Android v2.11.0+ / Web 1.15.0+), you will immediately notice that we have improved the layout and display of the New Order screen. We have introduced a Product Tools panel which can be seen when selecting a product or pressing the arrow to the right of the item. The Product Tools panel is the new home of the product stock quantity and discount options and will also be used when integrating additional product options in the future. We have also updated the display of various secondary screens (e.g. variations and checkout customer) to better make use of the available screen real estate.

New Discount Functionality

Screenshot Of The Foosales Apps Product Tools Screen

Previously, discounts could only be applied using coupons or by editing the price of a line item.  You can now apply discounts to individual products by adding items to the cart and opening the Product Tools panel (pressing the ‘>’ arrow). There you can override the item price, apply a fixed discount or a percentage discount.

Screenshot Of The Foosales Apps Showing Checkout Discounts

In addition to product discounts, you can also apply order discounts when completing checkout using the new Order Discount field. Discounts applied at checkout will take into account individual product discounts and apply a total order discount if set.

Screenshots Showing Discounts Applied In Woocommerce

Once processed, the order can be viewed in the FooSales order section where completed orders will reflect the total applied discounts. You can also view the order in the WooCommerce admin area, where the discount and applied coupon discounts are displayed.

Improved App Authentication

We’ve implemented various optimizations to help ensure that you are able to connect the FooSales apps to your store with minimal friction. These changes also mean that the FooSales apps can now connect to sites and hosting services such as that use two-factor user authentication, provided you use a standard WordPress user with an administrator or cashier user role when connecting the FooSales apps.

What’s next?

We are currently working on updates to the order details screens that will improve the way fulfillment information can be viewed and managed. If you would like to be notified when this update is released, please sign-up here.

If you have any ideas or suggestions, we would love to hear your feedback.

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