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D’nelle Dowis turned her freelance work into a thriving agency with WordPress

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D’nelle Dowis shares how WordPress helped her turn her freelance work into a thriving agency while managing chronic illnesses and finding work-life balance. #SmallBusinessHeroes

D’nelle Dowis’s Small Business Journey

I started using WordPress in 2006, the same year I founded Berry Interesting. What started as a way for me to formalize my freelance work has blossomed into a support agency that employs three of us full-time, along with several contractors/vendors, while enabling us to travel and truly balance work with lives that are interesting and full of variety. We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without knowing we can rely on WordPress, and we love that no matter where our travels take us, we’ll find friends with whom we share WordPress in common!

Personally, part of why WordPress is so important to me is that in my late 20s/early 30s, I struggled immensely with various chronic illnesses that left me unable to commit to full-time, “real” employment like I saw the rest of my peers doing. WordPress gave me the foundation I needed to take care of my health, physical and mental, while still supporting myself financially through big-picture issues like economic downturns. I love how much WordPress can empower people without gatekeeping and welcomes the uniqueness of each individual. I will be forever grateful to the entire WordPress community for welcoming me, in all my atypical weirdness, and supporting me as I’ve found my own, unique way to self-sufficiency and fulfillment.

D’nelle Dowis
Berry Interesting Productions
Owner, Project Manager, Account Strategist – all the hats

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