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Offline mode now available in the web app

Foosales Update

Offline mode is one of the unique features that makes FooSales the best point of sale solution for WooCommerce. This feature has existed in the FooSales tablet apps for a while, but due to the complexity involved, it was not available in the FooSales web app… until now!

As of today, you can now use the FooSales web app without an active internet connection and then sync all your changes with your WooCommerce store when you go back online.

The offline mode and background data refresh features ensure that you have the flexibility to run your business from literally anywhere while your data remains synced with your online store and other FooSales devices.

Web Offline Mode Setting2

To find out how to enable and use this feature, we recommend that you read through the FooSales Offline Mode help documentation.

In order to use offline mode in the FooSales web app, you will need to update the FooSales WordPress plugin on your website to 1.26.2 before reconnecting.

This latest release brings the current functionality in all the FooSales apps (iPad, Android tablet and web) to the same level so the user experience is now consistent no matter which FooSales app you use!

We also released new versions of the FooSales tablet apps (2.7.6) today which includes a number of improvements and performance enhancements to offline mode as well as various bug fixes.

We’d love to hear your feedback so please get in touch if you have any questions.

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