WP ECommerce Show Episode 159 With Chris Wiegman - FooSales

WP eCommerce Show Episode 159 with Chris Wiegman

In this week’s episode 159 of the WP eCommerce Show, BobWP chats to Chris Wiegman from WPEngine about security and privacy with your WordPress eCommerce store.

This episode is proudly brought to you by FooSales.

Chris shares tips, insight and examples around:

  • What has been accomplished with privacy in the last year in the eCommerce/WordPress space
  • What is the biggest weakness
  • Two top privacy issues to consider when starting to sell on WordPress
  • What you should look for when purchasing on a site
  • Why it’s easier to plan what you collect vs. removing it after the fact
  • Whether people are becoming too paranoid or complacent when it comes to privacy

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