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Update released for FooSales tablet apps v1.14

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We have made quite a few changes and improvements under the hood in the latest update to the FooSales tablet apps. Most of these changes will likely go unnoticed, however, here are a few notable features that are included in this latest update.


The FooSales tablet apps previously connected to your website’s database using the built in WordPress XML-RPC service. While this has worked well for most customers, some web hosts and third-party security plugins have since started to automatically limit access to the XML-RPC service on WordPress sites in order to ensure that the XML-RPC service is not abused. This is typically done by blocking IP addresses that perform multiple connections to the XML-RPC service. While it is fairly easy to remedy this situation by contacting your web host and requesting that the IP addresses for your devices are white listed, this can cause you unnecessary stress and effort which we want to avoid. As such, we have built our own REST API service that is not blocked by web hosts or security plugins and will ensure that you enjoy a stable and reliable connection to your database. The change is only affected behind the scenes and will not require you to do anything differently.

Order/Customer Notes

Although the FooSales web version already supports order/customer notes, this is a feature that has only now been added to the tablet apps. The order notes functionality works when the apps are in offline mode and the data is included when you manually import/export changes from the apps to your website. What’s more, you also have the option of automatically emailing the order note to the customer at checkout (it will then also display on the printed receipt) or use it for internal use only.

Extended Barcode and QR Code Support

In order to improve product scanning speed and reliability, we have enhanced the barcode scanning functionality in the apps. In doing so, we have also added support for QR codes which are generally more reliable and faster to scan. Please browse the barcode help doc for a comprehensive list of all the 1D and 2D barcode formats which are now supported in the FooSales tablet apps.

To take advantage of these new features, simply update your FooSales iPad (1.14.2+) or FooSales Android tablet (1.14.3+) app and FooSales WordPress plugin to 1.14.x and continue using the apps exactly as before.

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