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FooSales Web App updates – Faster load times, real-time data updates and new resync options

In previous versions of the FooSales web app, the only way to fetch the latest product, order and customer data from your store was to disconnect and reconnect your store. As of version 1.7.0 of the web app with FooSales WordPress plugin 1.21.0+ installed on your website, data is now cached using your web browser’s local storage and updates are automatically fetched at set intervals in the background.

When you first connect your store using the latest version, FooSales will create a local cache of your product and order information. From then on, FooSales will automatically check to see if there have been any updates to the WooCommerce product, order or customer data. This will ensure that any updates made via your WooCommerce store or other devices running FooSales are automatically updated.

This also means that should you disconnect your store from FooSales and then reconnect it, FooSales will only retrieve data that has changed since you last used the web app. This will not only reduce the load on your web server, but will also significantly speed up the time it takes to load the FooSales web app.

We have added a slider to the web app settings screen that let you control how often these background updates take place. If you don’t want to automatically sync data, you can disable background updates by setting the slider to zero.

Screenshot 2021 12 02 At 12.56.33

You can also update the product and order lists by clicking the new resync buttons. FooSales will then perform a quick check to see if there have been any external updates to product, order or customer data since the last time the data was synced. Any new orders and/or updates will automatically appear in the app and will be cached on your device for better performance.

Screenshot 2021 12 02 At 12.56.03

We have also implemented a number of minor updates and improvements such as the ability to expand and contract the variations window and you now have the option of manually inputting product quantities in the cart using a keyboard instead of clicking up/down arrows.

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