Important Updates to the FooSales Plugin and Apps

We have just released an update to the FooSales WordPress plugin (1.16.0) as well as the FooSales iPad and Android tablet apps (2.1.2). The FooSales web version (1.1.0+has also undergone some major behind-the-scenes changes. One of the biggest changes is the switch from using the WooCommerce REST API to the FooSales REST API.

This change was made in order to give us more flexibility with third-party software and hardware integrations in future and to align the user experience with the tablet apps which already make use of the FooSales REST API.

The most noticeable difference to the FooSales web version in this next update, is the login screen which requires that you now use your WordPress username and password instead of a dedicated consumer key and secret key. This is the same way that the FooSales tablet apps work which makes things much simpler if you use both the web version and the tablet apps. If you haven’t used the FooSales tablet apps before, you can read this help doc for further information on how to login.

It’s critical that you update the FooSales WordPress plugin on your website to 1.16.0 and the FooSales iPad and Android tablet apps to 2.1.2 as soon as possible for uninterrupted access.

Some of the other updates included in this upcoming release:

  • New standalone point of sale settings screen – FooSales WordPress plugin
  • Added the option to specify which product status/es should be pulled into the FooSales apps – FooSales WordPress plugin
  • Added functionality to allow the FooSales point of sale web app to capture credit card payments with Square – FooSales WordPress plugin
  • Added a manual Square payment option – FooSales web version
  • Updated historical order view to display the coupon codes used – FooSales web version
  • Online as well as POS orders are now shown in FooSales and you can filter between these two order types – FooSales tablet apps
  • Minor bug fixes when fetching and storing cached data on the device – FooSales tablet apps

We hope you enjoy these new updates!

If you experience any issues with the updates, please get in touch with us through customer support.