Check please! Save and print customer orders

We recently implemented the ability to print invoices for saved orders within the FooSales iOS and Android apps. This makes it possible to provide your customers with a printable quote or bill for their order before they pay.

While this update is useful for most retail stores, it is a critical feature for sit-down and takeout restaurants. Using the save and print functionality, restaurants can can now track orders for both sit-down tables and takeout orders. The kitchen can be provided with a printed copy of the order and the customer can be provided with a bill before they make payment.

To use this new feature, you will need to update the FooSales WordPress plugin (1.18.x) and the FooSales tablets apps to the latest version (2.3.x).

Save in progress orders
Print saved oders

In addition to these updates, we have also added support for a number of new thermal printer models: